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The Bee Guardian Foundation is an educational conservation organisation that aims to help all bee species and other pollinators, empowering people, institutions, companies, towns and cities to become “Bee Guardians”.

Bee Guardians make a commitment to manage land in a bee-friendly way by not using pesticides, creating nesting sites, planting bee-friendly plants, learning more about bees and spreading the word.

world record of bee houses

Bee Guardian City
"Trees For Bees" planting scheme has started. Over 2000 trees will be planted in Gloucester to celebrate the "World First Bee Guardian City". Get in touch to be involved with the planting

Bee Guardian Status
Anyone can become a Bee Guardian! Bee Guardians are not just individuals - towns, cities, schools, universities and businesses can all achieve Bee Guardian status.

Conservation by Education
Learn more about bees. We run bee-themed workshops designed for
all age groups, abilities and interests. Our educational projects have been funded by the Royal Society.

Bee Festivals
We provide fun activities for all the family that will educate and entertain. We can make your festival or event an unforgettable experience.

Bee Guardian Newsletter

Become a Bee Guardian
Helping bees is easier than you might think! Simply building a bee-house and planting the right flowers will make real difference.

Learn all about bees
Bees are so much more than honey! Learn more about bumblebees, mining bees, mason bees, leafcutting bees, carpenter bees and so many more.

Keep updated with news from the Bee Guardian Foundation, from bee research and from bee groups across the world by subscribing to our blog.

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