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BGF raises awareness about the importance of all bee species (and other pollinators), not just honeybees, as pollinators essential for biodiversity.
BGF creatively educates communities to take action to enhance bee diversity themselves. BGF has created a new public figure, the Bee Guardian (BG) - who understands the value of and work to protect the habitats of bees and other pollinators. BG's are created through inspiring educational techniques, enabling people to take responsibility and actively participate in conservation efforts.
Our Goals
• To raise awareness about the importance and decline of wild bees and other pollinators.

• To create a new public representative:
The Bee Guardian.

• To engage, excite, educate and empower communities to take positive action to reverse the decline in bee and pollinators populations.

• By creating a shared movement uniting individuals, community groups, businesses, government and academia.

• To track and publicise the activities of Bee Guardians to continue to inspire future generations, supplement scientific research, inform policy makers.

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