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Gloucester's "Trees for Bees" project has started!

In the last 6 months, thanks to a Big Lottery funded initiative called “Bee Inspired: Gloucester”, the foundation has created 2000+ Bee Guardians, each Guardian was provided with bee houses for cavity nesting bees, bee identification charts and packs of native wildflower seeds for bees.


The “Trees for Bees” project will be a legacy of the 2011 Bee Inspired: Gloucester Bee Guardian project. Across the city a beautiful forage resource of over 2000 trees will planted,and the resource will grow in size year after year.

Local people, groups or schools are being asked to come forward with suggestions for planting sites across Gloucester as well as getting involved with the planting of the trees.

Contact us through the "Trees For Bees"
contact form or through treesforbees@beeguardianfoundation.org
trees for bees

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Bee Inspired: Gloucester Bee Guardians - Have a look what we have been doing on the ground in order to create over 2000 new Bee Guardians.
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