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Becoming a Bee Guardian is all about taking
simple steps to promote bee diversity.

You can qualify to become a Bee Guardian if you are an organisation, school, parish, town or city that:

1) Undertakes to use no insecticides in the management of land under your stewardship.

2) Promotes bee diversity by providing nesting sites for bees of all species, through leaving suitable wild areas and through providing artificial nesting boxes or 'bee houses'.

3) Undertakes to plant bee-friendly plants on land under your stewardship to provide food for bees throughout the "bee season" (February through until late October).

4) Takes every opportunity to educate others as to the diversity and importance of bees, and how we can help them.

5) Becomes a part of Bee Guardian Network.

6) Becoming a member of the Bee Guardian Foundation, support our aims.

We are currently piloting these projects with a range of stakeholders. As soon the pilot projects are completed we will launch the status Nationally.

If you are interested in obtaining Bee Guardian Status in the future or working with us as a pilot project.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at: