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Bees are crucial - so many plants rely on bees for pollination and so many animals (including us) rely on these plants for food and shelter.

There are more than 20,000 species of bees in the world and this incredible diversity is under threat. Honeybees are well represented (there are beekeepers and beekeeping organisations all over the world) and bumblebees have a lot of support - but what about the other 19,700+ species?

Bee Guardian Foundation is a unique organisation:


We speak for
ALL bee species and value all bees not just for honey, or even for pollination, but for their intrinsic value as a crucial component of the world's biodiversity.

We have created a new figure in the world - the Bee Guardian - who speaks for all bees and who is empowered to act as an informed agent to protect and promote bees on land under their stewardship.


Bee Guardians are not just individuals - they can be towns, universities, schools and businesses - in fact any organisation, institution or body that wants to help bees.

As a Bee Guardian you are not acting alone - you are part of a Bee Guardian Network, sharing ideas and promoting conservation of bees across the world.